The best equipment and method to apply Salt-Away is a pressure washer with a Salt-Away Mixing Unit, P/N SAM12-IA, supplying the product. It is installed inline between the water hose and the pressure washer. The Unit automatically delivers the correct dilution ratio while using it. Salt-Away is safe to use on any mining equipment and salt-hauling trucks.

If there are other corrosive substances which are exposed to your equipment, Salt-Away can remove them, as well as the salt, as long as they’re soluble. We recommend investing in an electronic instrument* which measures salt content on a surface. After using Salt-Away, the instrument measures whether or not the amount remaining meets the company standards. In most cases, if Salt-Away has never been used before, more than one application may be necessary. Once on a maintenance schedule, only one application is normally required.

*Elcometer instruments are recommended.

Please see How Salt-Away Works to get details about the product.

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