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These head gaskets came out of the same outboard motor. Before he knew about Salt-Away, Greg Moss, the owner and mechanic of Moss Marine, Channelview, TX, had always flushed his motors with fresh water after every use in salt water. The gasket on the left, flushed with fresh water for a year, was removed during the motor's annual overhaul. Greg replaced the gasket with the one on the right and began flushing every time with Salt-Away. It was used in the motor for one year and was removed at the next annual overhaul.


Salt-Away is the first product that is successfully changing the entire salt-water boating maintenance industry.

Because of Salt-Away’s popularity, many boaters began to take their engines back to their dealers to have them retrofitted to be able to accept the Salt-Away Mixing Unit.

Salt-Away was the first product marketed as an engine flush, and we developed a successful way to get it into engines.